Rebecca & Curtis | Biltmore Proposal | Asheville Engagement Photographer

I was so excited when Curtis, from Sanford, NC, contacted me about scheduling a surprise proposal on January 1, 2016, to his girlfriend of two years, Rebecca, at the Biltmore Estate.  Curtis had thought of every detail and knew where he wanted to propose, near the big oak tree behind the estate.  I texted them the day before to let them know they had won a "free" couples session along with tickets to the estate.  What she didn't know is that he had planned all this several weeks in advance, bought the tickets ahead of time and arranged for me to capture their very special moment right behind the estate.  He had even printed off the free tickets with a bar code that when scanned said, Will you marry me?  We started our session with doing some portraits around the house and then halfway through he proposed to Rebecca by the large oak tree behind the estate.  Talk about a STUNNING RING!!  I love that her mom and dad were along to see their daughter get engaged.  Even though it was freezing cold that day, the two were troopers and walked all around the gardens and the estate to finish up their session.  Thank you both for letting me have a front row seat to one of the most special moments in a person's life.  Thank you Curtis, for the opportunity to capture these memories.  Congratulations to you both!!

Elisabeth & Seth | Engaged | Asheville Engagement Photographer

This post is dear to my heart because my oldest niece got engaged just a few short weeks ago.  Meet Elisabeth, who lives in Maine and Seth, who lives in Pisgah Forest, NC.  I asked Elisabeth to tell me how they met and I'll share it in her words....

"We "met" in February of 2015 after Seth sent me a friend request on Facebook.  The only friend request that would change my life.:)  In August we starting talking, calling, Face-Timing and planned to meet in November.  By October, I had fallen head over heels in love and knew he was the one God had made to be my other half.  When we met in November, our souls clicked.  (There's no non-cheesy way to say that part).  We know we were made for each other and cannot wait to be married and never have to be separated by 750 miles again.  Before we started talking, the Lord gave me a song that I wrote just for Seth...though I didn't know it was for him at the tie.  "You're the one God made for me, and for you I have prayed.  Before we walked the earth He knew, together, we'd come to this day.  His grace is overwhelming me in this gift of love that's true...And I'll thank Him every day I live for bringing me to you."  We are the product of thousands of prayers - God's best is always worth the wait!! 

I'm so excited to share that I will be shooting my first wedding in Maine this April!!  I m so happy that God led you two to each other!! 

Biltmore Engagement Photographer/Katie & Peter/Engaged

My first engagement session at Biltmore Estate couldn't have been any better.  I met the most wonderful couple, Katie & Peter, for a surprise engagement session.  Peter and I had emailed back and forth prior to their special day about where they would be at the time I would meet them and where he had planned to propose. Katie & Peter had been discussing the design of a ring, but she had no idea when or where the actual proposal might take place.  They had visited Biltmore Estate last summer and Katie loved it!!  Peter first read a beautiful letter he had written for Katie and then got down on one knee (so romantic) and proposed to Katie. Honestly, I think I was more nervous than Peter was.  

This is, in Peter's words, how they met..."Katie and I met online while I was in the Marine Corps stationed in Camp LeJeune, NC. She was living in Charlotte, NC at the time attending UNC Charlotte working for her Masters in Economics. When I got out, I moved up to Virginia to work on my Bachelors degree in Aeronautics at Liberty University. Katie decided to look into Masters programs at Liberty and found the Masters in Public Health. Now we both live in Lynchburg, VA attending Liberty University. We are getting married in Sacramento, CA in June of 2016!"  

The ring he proposed with is special because Katie & Peter designed this ring together several months ago and the center stone is a family heirloom on his side of the family. It's a hand cut diamond that was cut no later than the late 19th century and it is certainly stunning.  Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such an awesome moment between the two of you!!  I'll never forget it!!

Biltmore Forest Engagement Photographer | Summer & Arrin

One can only DREAM of photographing in such a lovely place.  I had the privilege a few weeks ago to photograph Summer & Arrin in a gorgeous manicured backyard garden in Biltmore Forest.  They even brought along their fur baby for a few photos.  I'm looking forward to photographing your wedding this month at The Capital Club!!  Now on to the gorgeous images of these two♥♥      

Michelle & Marty | Engaged | Asheville Engagement Photographer

I met Marty & Michelle a few weeks ago in downtown Asheville.  The reason we met at Packs Tavern is because this is where they first met.  These two definately have a sense of humor, especially Marty.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have met Michelle at the Weddings Festival this past January and I'm totally ecstatic to be photographing their small intimate wedding real close to my old homestead in Canton in October.  Leave this couple some blog LOVE in the comments below.